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Selfmade Music is an independent non-profit small-scale arts organisation and all funds raised through the sale of CDs go towards future projects.

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Heroic Women

Music of the show: for mezzo, strings, alto sax, piano, guitar, cello and double bass

date:  2003
duration:  57 mins
catalogue no.:  SMT-CD-01
EON no.:  5060051440144
price:  £10.70

South Wind at Clear Dawn

Third movement of the First Symphony ('Hokusai Says');
based on woodcuts by Hokusai;
for solo soprano and full symphony orchestra
with Eileen Hulse and the Moravian Philharmonic conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada

date:  2003
duration:  10 mins
catalogue no.:  SMT-CD-02
price:  £5.70


'New Age' style experimental album;
songs, chants and instrumental improvisations

date:  2005
duration:  53 mins
catalogue no.:  SMT-CD-03
EON no.:  5060051441264
price:  £10.70

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

The Second Symphony, based on Carl Jung’s autobiography.
For mezzo soprano and full symphony orchestra,
conducted by George Vass, with Susie Self and the Moravian Philharmonic.

Listener comment:
“I’m not so fond of ‘voiced symphonies’ but I must admit that I was quite moved by Susie Self’s second symphony. Please urge her to pursue not only the - what a voice - mezzo soprano path but more and more the composing lane...
Sincere regards from a delighted listener.” -Marc Mommaerts, Belgium

date:  2006
duration:  31 mins
catalogue no.:  SMT-CD-04
EON no.:  5060051616860
price:  £12.70


Exciting new album of Classical-New Age fusion: rich-tuned songs, luscious harmonies, and sophisticated drumming from master percussionist Chris Brannick.

date:  2008
duration:  50 mins
catalogue no.:  SMT-CD-05
EON no.:  5060051618703
price:  £10.70

Songs of Immortality

Songs of Immortality is a collection of all my commissioned art songs over the last ten years. They take their literary inspiration from six poets known as "The Dymock Poets". They were: Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, John Drinkwater, Robert Frost, Edward Thomas and Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. They met regularly in the small village of Dymock near Malvern before the First Word War. Their "oeuvre" embraces questions of immortality which is perhaps explained by war being imminently on the horizon. Some of their futures proved tragic such as Rupert Brooke who died en route to Gallipoli and is buried on the island of Skyros. Others such as John Drinkwater found exemption from the war. He continued work at The Birmingham Rep and in 1918 made an international success with his play Abraham Lincoln. There is a sense in the Dymock Poets work that their World was about to change for ever. They all display insights into the vulnerability of existence and point to a belief in immortality.

date:  May 2016
duration:  72 mins
catalogue no.:  SMT-CD-06
EON no.:  0784927599945
price:  £10.70

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