Selfmade Music
  • September 1 - 4, 2016 ·  The Butt to premiere in Vienna

    The Butt, a sensational new opera by Susie Self, is due to premiere in Vienna this September, as part of the Musiktheatretage Wien festival of new music theatre works. Based on the book of the same name by Will Self, the opera is scored for six singers, two cellos, percussion and piano. Susie herself conducts, and the production is directed by Thomas Desi, who also runs the festival.


    Tom Brodzinski, the hapless protagonist, is on holdiay and enjoying his last cigarette prior to giving up. Unthinkingly, he flicks the glowing butt over the balcony of his holiday apartment, unfortunately landing on the scalp of an old man on a sun lounger below. This apparently trivial act sets in motion a set of consequences that no one could have foreseen...or did they? A web of deceit and skullduggery trap Tom in an ever-tightening grip, until the final tragic denoument.