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Selfmade Music is a non-profit arts organisation, very small-scale. It celebrates the independence and flexibility of the small-scale and in all likelihood it could have not have done most of its projects had it been a large, centrally funded organisation. In the past, it received project funding over a period of about seven years from the Arts Council and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts. Composers commissioned during that time include Avril Anderson, Priti Paintal, Steve McNeff, David Bedford and Peter Wiegold. However, a change in funding policy at the Arts Council affected their ability to continue providing funds for very small organisations. Selfmade then made the decision to become truly independent and ‘selfmade’. At the moment, it receives no funding from any public body. It therefore funds its activities mainly through occasional exhibitions of paintings created by its Artistic Director, Susie Self. All those who buy paintings or make donations not only support future projects of Selfmade Music, they automatically become patrons of the company. Patrons can be listed below anonymously if so desired; lists of patrons may also appear in printed programmes for Selfmade productions, at the discretion of the company. Donations may be made at any time, and will be acknowledged privately with a letter of thanks.

Quilt Song presentation in Hindringham, Norfolk

Lunch, presentation and panel discussion at Hindringham Village Hall, 20th May

To become a Patron of Selfmade Music, you simply buy a painting or make a donation. You can choose whether to be listed under your own name or anonymously. No details about you will be held by us unless you also request to be placed on a mailing list. Paintings can be viewed online, but to purchase a painting you need to contact us by phone or email to arrange a viewing, where you can make your final decision.

If you would like to join the Exhibition mailing list please phone or email us with your details. You will then be advised of upcoming exhibitions, which are generally held every year.

Donations also entitle you to become a Patron: please contact us if you are considering making a donation towards our work.
list of patrons
Beatrice Alder
Avril Anderson
Richard & Ruth Aylwin
Sandra Ballester
Margie Bates
Teresa Bergin
Roz Bird
John Booth
Helen Brandon-Jones
Howard Burrell
Andrew & Sue Bush
Peter & Katharine Campbell
Jill Canney
Sky Carver
Vicci Cox
Ruth & Robin Davey
Marcus & Tatty Davey
Don & Jan Davies
Helen Davies
Sophie De Winton
Mickael Dumbleton
Emma Fenton
Duncan Fielden
Wendy Garrett
Julian Grant
Richard & Kerstin Griffiths
Peter & Elaine Hallgarten
Melanie & Orlando Harvey Wood
Sophie Heawood
Louise Hepburn
Duncan Hinnells
Dr. John & Dr. June Horder
Elizabeth Van Horn
Paul & Claire Hoskins
Eileen Hulse
Iwana Januszajtis
Angela Karpeles
Laura Kelly
Karin Kennedy
A Lady
Gigi Lanig
Viviane Laurens
Tim & Jo Le Mare
Aaron Litvinoff
Celeste Lynn
Colin MacGregor
Celia Malcolm
James Mallinson
Christopher Mason
Andrew Masterson
Mary McClory
Kay McCormick
Dominic McGrattan
Dominic McGrattan
Francesca McKinnon
Julie McNamara
Howard Milner
Anne Nonymous
Lucy O'Hare
A.N. Onymous
Shirley Palmer
Julia Palmer
Bluthner Pianos
Adrianne Pieczonka
Norma Plowman
Kitty Pluygers
Robert Puzey
Andy Rashleigh
Alun Reynolds
John and Bridget Roper
Caroline Rose
Melissa Sampson
David & Joolz Saunders
Phil Sawer
Will & Deborah Self
Diana Self
Jonathan Self
Diana Shipp
Anna Sims
Derek Smith
Dr. Caryle Steen
Fiona Stevenson
Susanna Stranders
David Sutton-Anderson
Barry Swaebe
K.J. Szumanski
Carmelita Texiero
Laura Tucker
Marie Vassiliou
Dorothy Vollum
Frances Walker
Maggie Warren
Alex Wells
Elisabeth & Christoph Wolf
Names appear on the List of Patrons as a result of individuals supporting Selfmade Music and its projects by buying a painting or making a donation. Patrons may remain anonymous if desired.

Selfmade Music is a non-profit artist-led arts organisation and relies on the funding generated by exhibitions and donations for its activities. It is not currently receiving funding from any other source.

The launch of Memories, Dreams, Reflections - 2006

The Esalen Institute

The Esalen Institute was started by two young men (Dick Price and Michael Murphy) in the early 1960s and played an important role in developing what subsequently became known as ‘the human potential movement’. This had a rather wild aspect in the 60s, with all the counter-culture and drugs influence. In the 70s and 80s it was dominated by the Gestalt theories and practice of Fritz Perls, and there is a strong Gestalt influence on the campus to this day. Currently they provide a multitude of courses which follow on in the traditions of self-development. One of the chief glories of the stunningly beautiful site is the newly-modernised hot springs baths, rebuilt a few years ago after the original baths slid into the sea during the El Nino-inspired storms of 1998. The baths are famously ‘clothing-optional’ (but the few prudes who venture into them clad cautiously in swimsuits tend to look a bit ridiculous). The food is delicious, generally, with plenty of opportunities to eat healthily if that is your choice.


In 1982, Skyros was a long ferry-ride from Athens, and relatively undeveloped. At the time, it offered a chance for people to get away from it all, but in the context of a temporarily-created ‘demos’ or co-operative community of about 80-90 people, housed largely in bamboo huts close to nature. Today it is a bit more developed, but still a long ferry-ride from Athens! And the bamboo huts are still in use. Writing courses take place in Skyros Town, while Atsitsa develops more the physical side of things, with its yoga, sailing, windsurfing and various arts courses, including, naturally, Susie’s unique and very popular singing and painting courses.

Tribute to Brian Galliford

This is simply to acknowledge our late webmaster, the enormously talented singer and website designer Brian Galliford, who built this site for us. We remember his helpfulness, charm and cleverness, with gratitude.

performing ensembles
Environ Music
The Chaos Collective (String Quartet)