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One of the ways Selfmade Music raises money for its projects is by selling works of art by the Artistic Director, Susie Self. She has been painting for many years, often whilst away on tour. Selfmade Music has held many exhibitions, which have helped fund productions, performances, projects, CD production and administrative costs.


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You can always buy online using PayPal. We will contact you to make arrangements for delivery or pickup. However, if you want to maximise the amount of funds generated for Selfmade Music and its projects, a cheque to the address on the "contact" page (made out to Selfmade Music) combined with your details will save us the hefty PayPal commission (or email us for bank transfer details). And we will thank you for your thoughtfulness!


All paintings on canvas are sold unframed; those on paper are sold framed.


New Online Exhibition:


This is the new online exhibition which coincides with Susannah Self’s work in progress The Red Book, a 5th symphony. The Red Book is inspired by Jung's extraordinary cosmic writings which were only released by his estate in 2009. Held within The Red Book are Jung's deepest musings, which are beautifully written out in neat calligraphy. This gives the work a gravitas reminiscent of monastic times. The metaphorical weight of the dense text sometimes gives way unexpectedly to abstract images which refer to mandalas or drawings in the round. The Symphony will source material from the Liber Secundus of The Red Book, which in particular expresses Jung’s soul-searching through the imagery of an egg. 


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Red Book
dimension:  h 123cm x w 123cm
medium:  oil on canvas
price:  £1000.00
sale status:  for sale

dimension:  h 61cm x w 183cm
medium:  oil on canvas
price:  £1000.00
sale status:  for sale

Although in earlier years she ranged widely in her approach, with many representational works in her portfolio, Susie’s style in recent paintings is now more consistently abstract. An attractive and accessible colour sense informs her explorations of shapes and ideas which seem perpetually on the verge of suggesting something concrete, but which ultimately refer to nothing but themselves and their perpetual mutual dance.


In some recent paintings she has developed a style of "abstract fantasy landscapes", which are either completely imaginary or only very loosely based on an existing scene. Devoid of figures, buildings or natural fauna, the theoretical line of horizon allows her to play with colour, shape and density within a perspective that has no readily available sense of scale. Indeed, perspective itself becomes an object of play, contradictions and confusions within the imaginary scene drawing the viewer into ultimately unresolvable participation.


Having experimented with large canvases she now prefers the practicality and intimacy of small-to-medium sizes and produces many of them during her tours with opera companies in the U.K. and abroad. Again largely for practical reasons, acrylic is her current medium of choice, although she returns regularly to the medium of oil when at home. Recently she has done a number of ‘mandala’ installations and is now undertaking private commissions in outdoor settings such as gardens.

If you are interested in buying any painting shown here which is marked for sale, or would like to commission an outdoor mandala installation, please contact the artist, Susie Self, via email: It is also possible to arrange a viewing of her many other paintings, to do this please ring 01328-878-164.