Michael Christie
cellist ~ composer ~ teacher
The Orff Societyhttp://www.orff.org.uk/

The Orff Society is one of Britain's foremost organisations promoting the creative approach to children's music education. Their courses are amongst the finest that I know of for developing ways of engaging children and drawing them into music-making of their own devising without them having to learn a lot of academic theory, as they specialise in the ‘learning by doing’ method of teaching. At every step children are stimulated by the excellent material they are taught and at the same time given every opportunity to explore their own musical ideas in well-managed improvisational settings. Quite apart from anything else, their courses are also incredibly fun, perhaps one of the very few times one can return to being a child oneself, as ‘learning by doing’ is the essential method for teaching teachers as well!

performing ensembles
Environ Musichttp://www.environmusic.com/
The Chaos Collective (String Quartet)https://www.chaos-collective.com/